TD-2T - Portable Lathe
Precision Single Point Boring & Facing Machine
  • 0 - 31.5" Machining diameter
  • Submerging depth up to 32"
  • Chain mounting system (Option)
  • Brochure
Easier, safer and more rigid with the following new features:

•        Ideal for bores & sealing surfaces, before & after weld build-up, grooves
•        Extremely rigid mounting for stable machining
•        Machining in any position, including horizontal or upside down
•        Controls on gear housing, eliminating access of rotating parts
•        Remote controlled operation (cabled)
         – work up to 16’ away from actual piece (or longer)
•        Axial stroke of 250 mm (9.84“)
•        Continuous axial and radial feeds
•        Facing in either direction
•        Quickly change from facing to boring or vice versa; it’s done in minutes
•        Reverse radial feed
•        Stop and reverse the machine (while running) without having to reach
          into the equipment
•        Robust boring head
•        Standard square tool holders
•        Extension of immersion depth possible
•        Available with CNC & self-realigning mounting system)